Hi guys,
We fixed the problem with emails, sorry for the inconvenience.

Arley Moura

We've released some new features:
1) Delete account. Now you can delete your account if you want.
2) Hours and Points, Now you can manage your tasks with hours/points, you can change this feature on your project settings.

We've changed the way you manage your projects, now you can add many sprints, also we've fixed the bug of "Project not found..."

We've created a feature you can export your project data.

Is now available the feature to create a new task from an already existing, also the possibility of define one or more team members as "read only".

ScrumMe is now available in Portuguese (Brazil).

Hi everyone, now we are on facebook, so we can discuss about bugs, new features, how to use and many other things.
Please, visit us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scrummeapp

Yes, now you can visualize the burning chart of your project stories.

We are with a new visual identity (logo), we hope you enjoy it. Special thanks to our friend Carlos Eduardo (@carvalhocadu), he is a great designer.

We've fixed the multi-language error, so, now all kinds of languages are accepted. Special thanks to our friend Timur from Russian.

ScrumME is enabled to be used on iPads 1 and 2. The functions drag and drop for iPad were implemented. Special thanks to gotProject Team

Now you can view some project statistics, with graphics, just click on button "Graphics" in the menu.